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by | Jul 27, 2022

When I say that I talk to dead people, I am certainly aware that for many it is a really hard concept to get their heads around.  There are those who believe in the spirit world, there are those who just think there is something in all this clairvoyant lark but are not quite sure what –  and then there are the sceptics.  Now I love a good sceptic, but not for the reason you may think.  I never try to convert anyone to my beliefs as I think interaction with Spirit is very personal and we all have to experience the other side in our own way.  No, I love a good sceptic because of the curve balls they can throw at me which make me delve deep inside and think about what I truly believe.

A dear friend of mine is married to an eminent emeritus professor who, as is generally the case with academics, is rather sceptical about what I do.  When we met a while ago she said, “Thomas has a question for you.  He asked me what language the spirits use.”  Maybe this was slightly tongue in cheek, but I took it at face value.  “That depends,” I replied – and it does.

I don’t know if the fact that I speak three languages makes any difference, but I have given readings where the guides have come through in both French and Italian.  Sometimes it depends on me and sometimes on the client.

One such client lived in the Dordogne and whenever I went to France she would book a reading.  Although she spoke English, we would always speak French and the guides would come through in French.  Pas de probleme.   At that time I worked as a translator and teacher and so was equally at home in both languages,  but when I did a phone reading for her from England, it was a totally different kettle of fish.  I was completely tongue tied and so the reading was carried out in a mixture of first year French and only slightly better English.  What had happened?  Were the guides tied to their home?  Was I tuning into both nationalities at the same time and hence causing confusion?

I only did one reading when Spirit came through in Italian.  There was a beauty salon near me in London owned by two sisters who had lived in Rome for a while earning their living by teaching, shall we say, slightly colloquial English to unsuspecting Italians while supplementing their income by rather more dubious methods.  I put the cards down and a very insistent old lady came through speaking the sort of Italian I heard in Liguria.  I started to get a vision of a port at night and people unloading a largish motor boat.  Suddenly searchlights came on.  “Polizia” came the cry and shots rang out.  I could see somebody falling.  My poor client was white and shaking.  It turned out her boyfriend was part of a Mafia family and they had a nifty little business smuggling drugs into a port near Genoa in Liguria.  

“Tell him to keep away from any such business,” I said.  “He mustn’t get involved.  He will be in great danger.”  She rang her boyfriend in Italy.  “Madonna!  Questa donna e una strega!” he exclaimed.  This woman is a witch.  The raid had happened the previous evening but thankfully he had been unable to go.

So the nonna came through in her own language.  Was the message so strong that it had to be in the original?  Is it your own guides who speak to you or someone else’s?

I have been told I have a beautiful Spanish woman as a guide and I also have a lady from Ancient Greece, but my Spanish is limited and my knowledge of Ancient Greek non-existent.  We accept that time as we know it doesn’t exist in the spirit world, but does the same apply to language?  Is there some sort of heavenly Tower of Babel or have they developed beyond that and communicate without the need for different tongues?  Will this be how nations interact with each other in the future cerebrally rather than vocally like the inter-Galatic Council in Star Trek?  And does it explain those who talk to animals?  Interesting thoughts – but that is for another time.



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