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The Way I Work

I work with Tarot cards but I am not a really a Tarot reader. I use the cards as a channel to open up a connection with the Spirit World. This way, I make sure I am connecting with my guides and also that I am tuning in to you. I have never studied the Tarot but over the forty or so years I have been doing this, I have developed my own individual way of working, partly through spirit guidance and instinct but also by picking up tips from some very talented clairvoyants and incorporating them into the way I work.

I am not a medium in as much as your loved ones don’t actually talk through me, although people will probably pop in for a chat. I don’t see them or hear them as I would see and hear live people, rather I get an impression of who they are and am usually reasonably accurate in describing them and passing on any messages. However, I am principally a clairvoyant which actually means “seeing clearly.” Through the cards I help you to identify any problems and any questions you may have and then ask for solutions and answers.

I do readings by telephone and via Skype, and occasionally in-person (I’m in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney). I also do email readings and for these I combine the use of cards with spirit writing and then send you what I have picked up via email.

The readings usually last about an hour but sometimes go on for longer as I am very loathe to cut off any kindly spirit who has made an effort to join us.

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Readings with Suzi

Readings are at least an hour, possibly a bit longer, and cost $150. To get the most out of your reading, please plan to minimise distractions during our scheduled time, and leave lots of time afterward so you don’t feel rushed.

Please provide payment before your reading is scheduled to begin. The button below will open PayPal, where you can pay with a credit card even if you don’t have a PayPal account.

Reading with Suzi Samuel


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