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by | May 31, 2022

As you have probably realised, I am really good at handing out advice whether it be in a reading or just generally.  I will tell you how to make sure your chakras are closed before you do a supermarket shop in case the person in the checkout queue pinches some of your energy.  I will tell you how to protect yourself in different ways and I have even been known to give advice on how to cope with wayward spirits who may get a bit annoying, but I am not very good at taking my own advice.  In fact, I very often need a good old prompt from dear friends to remind me to look after myself.  It is rather like putting on your oxygen mask in a plane before you help anyone else, as I am also fond of telling others.  You need to be strong and in fine form before you can cope with some of the things either world will throw at you.

Recently I have been writing about asking for signs in answer to questions or problems with, in some cases, most spectacular and unexpected results, but I never do the same for myself.  Well, until last week that was.  Apart from this blog and my newsletter, I haven’t written anything in months.  My poor old book lies languishing.  I am the world’s best procrastinator and can find any excuse to put things off.  I will clean the house thoroughly so I will be free to write.  I will cook masses of meals for the freezer so I will be free to write.  I will clear my desk and file all those old recipes that I never use so I will be free to write.  I run out of excuses and sit down at the computer full of good intentions, but the sun is shining and I really need to get some fresh air and exercise before I start to write.  You get the picture.  

And so, last week, with a sparkling clean house and a full freezer, I gave myself a real talking to.  Enough of being a sloth, just get on with it. That however is easier said than done.  I remembered my dear friend asking to see something purple and being rewarded by a purple bus driving past just as she pulled out of her drive and so I tried to think of something to ask for that is quite unusual.  

Aha!  Inspiration! Please Gran, if I will start writing again soon, let me see a Golden Retriever.  Not so unusual if you live in a reasonably open area, but here in central Sydney the dogs tend to be small, Yorkies, Pomeranians, French Bulldogs, Chihuahuas, but very few Goldies.

Later that day David and I nipped off to do some shopping and stopped by the harbour for a little stroll on the way back.  I had told him about my request and as we were walking through the park by the water, he suddenly exclaimed, “Look a Goldie,” and there thoroughly investigating what must have been a very interesting tree, was a Golden Retriever.  

“There’s your sign” he laughed.  Okay, coincidence.  But, as we were driving home up our street what should I spot but a very happy looking Goldie trotting purposefully towards the park towing his owner behind him.  Two in the space of an hour.  Gran was definitely trying to tell me something.

The next day we went to vote.  There was a long queue and some lovely ladies were holding a sausage sizzle in aid of charity.  And there, waiting patiently with his owner, a look of longing on his face and nostrils twitching at the enticing aroma of cooking sausages was, you’ve guessed it, a third Golden Retriever.  Apart from the fact that I was amazingly impressed by such wonderfully good behaviour because any of my Goldies would have jumped head first into the bangers, I thought this must be Gran in overdrive and I couldn’t ignore her any longer, so home I went and dashed off eight pages.  I was so thrilled and have continued writing ever since.

Every one knows that dogs rule the world.  Who would have thought that all it took to break my inertia would be a trio of Golden RAAetrievers?



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