About Suzi

Suzi Samuel is a clairvoyant and author currently living in Australia

Suzi Samuel was born in Hertfordshire, England and spent most of her life in London. After leaving school at 18, she worked briefly as a secretary and then married her first husband, John, and settled down to life as a housewife and mother to her daughter Luisa in Wimbledon in South West London. Sadly, after five years of marriage, John suffered kidney failure and after a five year illness, including three transplants, he died in 1980.

On her own with a small daughter, Suzi decided to go back to studying and after a couple of years work, passed her Final Diploma in French at the Institute of Linguists and became a member of that august body in 1987. She then worked as a teacher and translator for many years. Following the deaths of her husband, her beloved grandmother and a lovely old psychic lady who had decided to pass on her mantle, Suzi rapidly became aware that there was a whole other world out there and started to tell people really strange things that all came true – a surprise not only to the recipients of these tidings but also to herself. This was the start of her work as a clairvoyant and she has now been doing readings for more than thirty years with clients in many different countries.

Having negotiated the dating minefield that was the 80’s and having survived quite a few, often hilarious, near brushes with matrimony, she met her gorgeous Australian, David, and, after a whirlwind courtship, married him in 1997, moving to Hampshire where they lived for several years before moving back to Australia.

Suzi now lives in New South Wales where she concentrates on writing and clairvoyant work and, until recently, was very involved with the charity Legacy.

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