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Suddenly Something Stirred

by | Feb 2, 2024

There is definitely something going on at the moment.  Even if we stick our heads under the cushions whenever the news comes on TV, we cannot be unaware of the dreadful events taking place world wide and, even more worrying, the hatred and anger being expressed in our towns and cities.  The logical part of me feels that this is one of the most dangerous times our poor old World has faced – and this from someone who was old enough to understand the implications and ramifications of the Cuban crisis in the 1960s when we came within a whisker of nuclear war.

So why am I feeling optimistic?  I should be stocking up on bottled water and canned food, but instead I am full of plans for the coming year.  Although my husband always says I am a total Pollyanna, I do have a very practical streak in me and realise that things do not always work out for the best.  However, I feel at the moment, there is a sea change coming.  The Dark has had its way for a long time, turning everything on its head and making a darn good attempt to change our values, turning kindness into cruelty and hope into despair.  Well, to me it seems God has had enough and the tide is turning.

What, I hear you say, makes you feel so sure of this?  Over the years that I have been working with the Spirit world, I have come to believe that, to quote the advert, out of little things, big things grow and, by the cringe, there are numerous little things taking place now.  It is almost as if Spirit has said, okay folks, we have been promising you changes but let’s get on with them now. 

I have had so many friends and clients calling me and saying that a thunderbolt has been sent to them making them realise that the changes they have been putting off have been unexpectedly forced on them – and in very positive ways, as if Spirit is giving them a real whack on the back to help them forward. 

I myself have had a huge leap forward over the last four weeks.  I had given up trying to find a publisher for my book An Unintentional Journey and, very dejectedly, had put it to one side.  Totally out of the blue, the week before Christmas, I met somebody who got the ball rolling and now I find myself in the wonderful position of having a publisher who buys his dog a hamburger for lunch on his (dog’s) birthday and an editor with an office full of spirits. 

And so, if you have been feeling stuck, or just dithering about something, don’t despair.  This is a time of getting things started and going forward, and if we can do it in our own little ways, perhas the ripples will spread out and start to influence events outside our our own little bubbles.  Let’s all tell that old Dark that enough is enough and it is about time he slung his hook.  Let’s be positive and encourage the heavenly light to help heal our beautiful world.


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  1. Zera

    I love this Suzi! Onward with bright and positive plans for a better future. Xxx

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