THIS IS A STORY OF AN ADVENTURE, a step into the unknown, a collision of worlds and what happens to an unsuspecting young woman who happens to have been chosen by the spirit world to act as their messenger.

There are ghostly grannies giving cooking tips, correcting posture and sorting out her love life, houses with other-world inhabitants and hotels that appear out of the mist and disappear like Brigadoon.

This autobiography leads us through an eventful and often hilarious life describing events and people, both here and in the spirit world who have played such a part in this journey. It is the story of a woman widowed in her early thirties with a small daughter who picks herself up, dusts herself off and embarks on a roller coaster ride of life as a newly single girl on the London dating scene and who, after several close escapes, finally finds happiness with her handsome Australian husband. Not only are the spirits extremely happy about this, they redouble their efforts to get their message across and pop in with increasing regularity.

The book also has a serious side. It describes how the author has managed to help people, sometimes with very serious problems, but at the same time, debunks quite a lot of the myths and mystique with which some of the less scrupulous people in this profession surround themselves.

This book is a cross between Bill Bryson, Bridget Jones and Ghost with a dash of Carrie Bradshaw thrown in for good measure. Available at bookstores everywhere and

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Selected Reviews

For inveterate bookworms, you can’t beat—for my money—a good autobiography. And Suzi Samuel has written a belter.

How often do we get to see “behind the veil” of a practicing Clairvoyant? This rare excursion into the Spirit World is a treat. Far from sensationalising her gifts, Mrs Samuel recounts her story with candour and self-deprecating good humour. We’re transported to a realm where, routinely, the unex-plained can—and does—happen, described with infectious hilarity. And though we may not move within the Spirit World with such ease as the authoress herself, we’re introduced to some of its more memorable characters: human and otherwise! (Step forward Barney The Basset Hound, amongst other four-footed chums…)

Whatever one’s views on ‘ghouls and ghosties,’ Suzi’s writings have the ring of truth. Even sceptics may have cause to stop and think. And revealingly, behind the pages, we share the life-journey of a deeply caring person, who (besides honouring her ancestors) tries to help understand the Human Condition—from a unique angle.

Recommended. A thoroughly enjoyable, entertaining—and thought-provoking—read.

Insight into and, yes, a connection to the spirit world is a gift denied to most people. The author of the delightfully written, “The Unintentional Medium,” has both in equal measure. As she eloquently describes her adventurous life and interactions with friends, family and suitors, she weaves in her early exposure to and experience with the spirit world. One simply must read the book to discover the why and where! Her life experiences lead her to discover her talents as a clairvoyant or, as she describes it, a clairsentient, who can feel presences rather than hearing or seeing them. In the course of her career, she correctly predicts many events, guided by the spirits, and develops a loyal international following. I highly recommend this interesting book.

Really enjoyed this book, what an amazing life the author seems to have had. Very well written and it gave a wonderful personal, and often very amusing insight into the world of the medium.

Charming, funny, evocative. This is a great book. It made me giggle out loud and also tugged at the heartstrings. How refreshing to read a book about the supernatural and spirit world which is a) well written and b) down to earth and straightforward. Would definitely recommend this book to anyone with an interest in the subject matter or who is looking for a cracking read.

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