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by | Dec 21, 2021

Well, it’s happening again.  A few years ago when I was writing a newspaper column, I wrote an article about angel feathers. I always feel rather homesick at this time of year because I miss my family and friends back in England and I really miss cold Christmas.  Just before I wrote the article, I was feeling really sad because, for the first time, my beautiful daughter was unable to come over for the holidays and I had also recently lost my beloved golden retriever.  One day, I was feeling particularly low.  I went into my study and there right in the middle of my desk, was a beautiful white feather. I was a bit surprised but didn’t think too much about it, but a little later when I went into the kitchen to make a coffee I found another one on the draining board. This was just the start and over the next few days in the run-up to Christmas I kept finding beautiful little white feathers in the most unexpected places. I tried very hard to find a rational explanation for them, after all, the neatly placed group of down plumb in the centre of the bed could well have come from a pillow, but how to explain the ones on the kitchen worktop or on the floor of the shower? I kept finding them until Christmas Day and then they just stopped.

And now it’s happening again. I have just moved to a lovely apartment in a super part of Sydney and am very happy but, as always, there is this feeling of being far from my loved ones at this very special time of year.  Well, there I was watching Jamie cooking up a wonderful feast in the snow covered countryside and snivelling gently when, on the coffee table right in front of me was…..  Yes, you guessed it.  A little white feather.  Okay, that may have come out of a cushion, but all my cushions seem to be hermetically sealed and it would be a brave feather indeed that tried to escape.  A bit later, I went to get a lemon from the fruit bowl et voila!  A couple of feathers nestling in amongst the oranges.

I have recently been asking my angels for some help with a few different things going on in my life at the moment.  I know in my heart that they have heard me and things are beginning to move forward, but somehow these little feathers give me such comfort and hope.  We always seem closer to the angels at this time of year when we think about the birth of Jesus, but it also seems that the angels feel closer to us, if the feathers are anything to go by.

Jesus was born to bring peace to the world.  Our little third rock from the Sun is in a pretty sorry state at the moment, so, if you find any angel feathers, please take it as a sign that they are with us and looking after us and, at this holy time, let’s all pray together for peace and good health and for light to be shone once again on our poor old world. Have a wonderful Christmas.



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